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Distorting Science

Twenty years ago, while my wife and I were involved in homeschooling our children, I came across a book entitled, "Icons of Evolution." This book is of particularly benefit to those engaging the public educational system, where the theory of evolution is major tenet. The author is Jonathan Wells, who holds doctorate degrees from both Yale and the University of California at Berkley. This is not a "Christian" book designed to uphold Biblical creationism, rather it is an expose’ of "scientific literature" used to support Darwinian evolution that is purposely false.

Dr. Wells reveals that there are exaggerated claims and blatant deceptions that have appeared in biological textbooks for decades. These distortions of scientific facts are used to "prop up" the weak foundation on which the evolution theory is built. I believe that this quote from the fly-leaf of the book says it quite well: "Apparently, dogmatic promoters of Darwinian evolution fear that without these icons public faith in their claims will disappear, so they knowingly misinform our children and suppress scientific evidence."

Jonathan Wells points out in his book for instance:

*How scientists have known for a long time that the drawings supposedly showing similarities between fish and human embryos were faked, yet continue to use them as evidence for evolution.

*How Darwin’s theory of natural selection is illustrated with staged photographs showing moths on tree trunks, where they don’t actually rest.

*How the alleged role of mutations in evolution is illustrated with artificially engineered fruit flies that show the opposite of what evolutionary theory requires.

*How the textbook version of the origin of life assumes the exact opposite of what scientists now believe about the environment on the early Earth.

*How some biological textbooks continue to present Archaeopteryx as a "transitional link between reptiles and birds," while most biologists acknowledge this theory has been discarded.

These are but a few examples of how those promoting an "anti–creation" agenda have knowingly presented fraudulent information. Interestingly, these scientists believe that the overall effect is not misleading because they are teaching "a deeper truth." Science then becomes not a seeking of facts, but a vehicle for promoting a philosophical agenda, while distorting the facts. As the old saying goes "Statistics don’t lie, but liars do statistics."

In conclusion allow me once again to quote from the fly-leaf of this book: "Icons of Evolution is both an eye-opening tour of discoveries in contemporary biology and a stirring call for professional and educational honesty. It reveals that Darwinian evolution is a theory in crisis that distorts the truth to maintain its influence over science education."

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