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Jordan Peterson, C.S. Lewis, and Jesus

The internet has created a few "superstars" in recent years due to the fact that it affords individuals, whose voices may go unheard, to find a receptive audience to their ideas. It is the 21st century "soapbox." It has provided a platform for "conspiracy theorists," spiritual "gurus," and fringe political pundits. They may create a cult-like following, but seldom is their impact newsworthy.

The exception is Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of psychology from the University of Toronto. He is an intellectual that has not bought into the liberal agenda and has the courage to speak out against political correctness and identity politics. If you are not familiar with Peterson, I recommend that you view some of his Youtube segments in order to get a grasp of who he is. He has a very loyal dedicated following of disciples, as well as, a multitude of critics.

He is not a Christian, at least in the evangelical sense of that word, but he does speak favorably, and at times, rather emotionally about Jesus. He uses the Bible as a means to present his moral philosophy and affirms the fact that Western civilization has been built and persevered because of its Christian foundation. He has a greater respect for the Bible than most liberal Protestants. In some ways he is a "skeptic," but one who appears uncomfortable in his skepticism and desires to be a person of faith.

I see him as a man on a journey. We, in the evangelical stream, often view conversion as a "Damascus road" experience. Where the person suddenly has an epiphany, and is instantly converted. Though that can, and does happen, it is not often so dramatic and instantaneous. It is often a process, a journey to faith. I believe that Jordan Peterson may be on such a journey. Which reminds me of another intellectual professor, who called himself "the most reluctant convert," but went on to become one of the most influential spokesmen for Christianity in the 20th century. That man was C.S. Lewis.

Lewis was a professor of English literature at Oxford. Peterson is a professor of psychology. When I listen to Peterson I can not help but be reminded of Lewis. Peterson is apparently quite familiar with the works of Lewis. Both speak of the value of myth and fable. Both understand the transcendence of objective truth. Both have an understanding of the nature of "evil" and the insidious manner in which it infects mankind. Both understand the struggle between order and chaos.

Far be it for me to know what is going on in the life of Jordan Peterson. I can only present my observations and my earnest desire for his salvation. He seems to be a man, who at this point in time, is receptive to Biblical truth. Pray for him.

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2023년 7월 14일

Hello Don, is it possible I can speak with you about your website. I am a pastor of a ministry in transition and the name Basileia Ministries came to me and when I researched it online, I ran across your blog. I would like to discuss, if it is okay with you, your future use of the domain. If this is of God, I see a ministry (ministries) where the central focus is not on religion but on the Kingdom of God, hence Basileia. No pressure and I mean no harm or wrong intent, just want to see if there is a way the domain can be used to expand the kingdom while honoring and continuing the work you have…

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