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”Jesus Won't Fix Your Problems”

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

The guest contributor is Meagan Avenenti – the youngest daughter of Don Walker,

the president of Basileia Ministries. She is a wife and mother, who has a passion for sharing the message of the Kingdom of God with her generation.

I recently had a discussion with a loved one about her beliefs. She shared with me how through veganism, meditation, and praying to what she calls ”the universe”; she has found relief from her physical and mental afflictions. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her as she passionately explained to me her beliefs. And she was also gracious enough to allow me to share mine. Though our disagreements were considerable, I tried to magnify what we did agree on. She shared with me how deeply she had been hurt by Christians in the past, and how she had prayed to Jesus for help in the past and “had not received it.” Though she attempted to discredit my beliefs, she insisted she would never want to take them from me. Her position was that whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or any mixture of spirituality or non-spirituality, ”we should do whatever works for us.” The conversation went late into the night, and I still have so much to say, so much to ask, and I hope she does too.

Have you ever known that person, that if they only knew Jesus, their life would be so much easier? Or that person who would do so much better, if only they would draw closer to Him? If only people knew what I know. Of course, we've all heard miraculous stories of people who met Jesus and their addictions immediately went away and they never desired another sip of alcohol again, but what about the people we know that can't seem to ever get free? Do they just not love Jesus enough? Or do they just need to pray harder or longer? I think this idea may be as to why many end up leaving the faith. They didn't get the effect they were searching for or maybe the emotions of the moment wore off. Like when someone gets so excited, they finally found the answer to all their problems, maybe it's a diet, or a new self-help book that changed their life! And they can't stop talking about it! Then as life goes on they realize after the excitement has left, they haven't really changed and they go out searching again.

If we could be perfect in this life we wouldn't need Jesus or even each other for that matter. If you came to Jesus to fix your problems or to make life easier, read the Bible first (it won't fix your problems either), but you will understand what you're signing up for. There are plenty of other religions and beliefs systems out there that do promise to fix you, even some that that fly under the Christian flag. The Bible is not a guide to success, prosperity, and popularity. On the contrary, Jesus said ”Count the cost” (Luke 14:28) and if you follow me you will be despised (Luke 21:17).

The question is: “Do you want truth or comfort?” Though I do find comfort in a lot of Scripture, there is also a lot that is heavy and uncomfortable! But it does show us reality.

No, Jesus might not fix your problems, in fact, he'll challenge you with some new ones. Such as, to forgive and love your enemies, and to speak the truth even when it's uncomfortable. Why would you want any of that? Maybe there is an innate desire in all of us to know the truth, but there is also another desire, a more powerful one; the desire to escape suffering. This is why people seek out drugs and other vices, though they tend to create more suffering in the long term it doesn't stop them. Instead of accepting the fact that suffering is necessary for happiness to be appreciated. And that knowing the truth, though it may bring pain, is better than living in a deceptive lie.

I'm going to make a prediction. Life, in this world, will always be froth with pain and problems . I am incredibly skeptical of any religion, philosophy, herbal remedy, yoga stretch, diet, or any mixture of these things that promise to be a solution for our problems. I implore you to be skeptical as well. In closing let me say - No, Jesus won't fix all your problems (there is probably not enough time on earth) - but He will love you despite them and he can use you in spite of them.

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